New Construction / Remodelling



We are Minneapolis’s fastest growing plumbing company with a staff of 3 Master Plumbers, and a crew of 14 and looking to hire more.   We service a radius of 40 miles for residential service but will go up to 100+ miles for a commercial customer or new construction.  We are also a leading installer of in-floor heating

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Recent Examples of New Construction Plumbing & Heating



30,000 Sq Ft Nursing Home, New Hope, MN

Our portfolio of plumbing contracts for new commercial structures or renovations exceeds >50 projects. 

8,000 Square Feet Local Brewery in Chaska, MN

Our commerical projects range from Restaurants to Clubhouses and from Office buildings to Nursing Homes

Recently Built Home in Minneapolis Suburbs

We work with top 20 Minneapolis-region builders and have participated in plumbing projects for > 500 homes. 

Recently Renovated Kitchen

The goodwill we have earned from our plumbing service has won us many remodelling projects.  Much of our business comes from customer referrals

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