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We take pride knowing our customers have called on us to solve all their plumbing issues over multiple decades. We value these relationships that span generations. At DPH, we stand ready to change out a faucet, wash basin, toilets, showers, water softener, heater, garbage disposal, kitchen sink, or remodel a bathroom, kitchen or basement plumbing fixtures, or any other plumbing service you may require.


We have dedicated plumbers to handle your needs and have excess of 14 Plumbers / Handymen to manage your emergencies.

Please call us: 952-467-4809


Our List of Plumbing Services

  • Bathroom:
    • Bath Tub Repair & Replacement
    • Shower Repair & Installation
    • Toilet Repair & Replacement
    • New Sink Installation
    • Includes Ejector Toilet System Repairs
    • Clogging & Removal
  • Kitchen:
    • Faucet, Sink Repair & Replacement
    • Garbage Disposal Repair & Installation
    • Dishwasher Plumbing Needs
  • Water Quality
    • Water Quality Inspection
    • Water Softener Installation & Repairs
  • Drain Cleaning
    • Sewage & Sump Pump Repair
    • Sewer Snaking / Rodding & Hydro-Jetting Services
    • Video Inspections
    • Trenchles Sewer Repair
    • Back Flow Testing
  • Other Home Plumbing Needs:
    • Leak Detection & Repair
    • Floor Drains
    • Frozen Pipes & Pipe Thawing
    • Whole House Repiping & Intsallation
    • Furnace and Boiler Repair & Installation
    • Water Heater Repair & Installation
    • Gas Pipe Installation and Repair.
    • Gas Pipe Leak Detection
    • Laundry: Clothes Washer / Washing Machine Related Plumbing
  • Remodeling / Renovations
    • All Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Projects Involving Plumbing
    • New Plumbing in Your Basements or Addition
    • Specific / Custom Requests for Underground, Roughin and/or Finishing
    • Will Work Directly with You and/or Your Preferred Contractors

How we work

  • You call or email or fill-in our contact form
  • We will talk and try to understand what the problem is.
  • Typically, we will walk you thru fixing the problem yourself and / or remedial measures until we come in person to solve the problem
  • Scheduling an appointment and solving the problem
  • We are well staffed.  We turn around fast and guarantee quality



We do good work.  Check out what our customers say about us in the TESTIMONIALS section. 


Below is a list of Frequently asked Questions from our incoming service requests.  Hope you find them useful.



Frequently Asked Questions


Pipe leaks and rattling

  • Pipes typically wear out or erode over time, with an average life span around 40 to 50 years. Owners start seeing problems in the 20+ year window.  We get calls when owners see water seeping through a ceiling or wall. The first order of diagnostics is to trace the leak and understand the problem.  A quick, temporary fix could be to use epoxy and rubber, but on a long-term basis it points to erosion and age of the pipe and warrants replacement.
  • Rattling is caused due to air, improper hanging, lack of proper fixtures and/ or toilet fill valves causing pipes to rattle downstream.

My toilet is running, leaking or clogged

  • Between the tank, toilet and the plumbing there are greater than 30 parts. Typical leaks happening at the base are due to older tee bolts and wax rings.  Continually running toilets are due to a faulty fill valve and/or the flapper is warped or damaged.  This needs immediate attention because leaks can increase your water consumption by 5-10%, thereby increasing your water bill.
  • Clogged toilets cause overflowing.  If the plunger method does not work then the problems could be because of what was flushed down the toilet, mechanics of your toilet, or due to a clogged drain line downstream.  Call us for help.

Leaky faucets

  • There are many types of faucets, so it is hard to give an exact explanation on how to fix them.  However, a leaky faucet can be annoying and can hurt your water bill.

 Water backing into sink

  • This happens when the drain is plugged or clogged. In such situations we use a plumbing snake to alleviate the problem.

Garbage disposal is jammed, making different noise

  • Things get put into garbage disposals that should not.  Foods such as grease, oil, fat, fruit pits, seeds, bones, pasta, egg shells and stringy vegetables like celery can jam your garbage disposal. Many of these can be composted. In short, a foreign object gets stuck between the blades causing the jam.  An owner can unjam it themselves but be cautious, and never put your hand inside a garbage disposal.  Always turn the power off at the electrical panel before performing any work.

Sump pumps

  • Common problems referred are “it runs frequently”, “trips the electrical breaker” or “is not coming on”.  A typical sump pump is 1/3 or ½ horse power in capacity.  The Hp depends upon the length of the run and how high it must pump.  The life of a sump pump is usually between 5 and 10 years, based on usage.  Common problems are with the float valve needing adjustment, age of the pump or water getting into the pump housing.

Tankless vs conventional water heaters

  • There is a high misconception that tankless water heaters are energy efficient.  On the contrary, they may use more gas, have a shorter life span and have an upfront cost 5 times higher than a conventional water heater.  Both systems may run on gas or electricity.  A typical home water heater is about 50-gallon capacity and costs approximately between $900 to $2,000.  Cost variations are due to the required venting and whether it is through a side wall or the chimney, and the capacity and installation costs.

Water heater leaks and failures during winter

  • In winter, heaters take in cooler than normal combustion air creating condensation buildup on internal parts, consequently putting out less hot water.  Note – life span of a typical water heater is around 10-12 years.

Foul smelling hot water

  • Heaters contain a magnesium anode which traps minerals and bacteria, causing smells like gas or rotten eggs.  Our plumbers can help fix this problem.

Water softener

  • Water quality in Minnesota varies by geography, but most Minnesotans live in areas containing hard water, and water softener systems are a must.  If you find your soaps are not sudsy, clothes are wearing out soon, or dishes have a stain, then you need to install a water softener. We can help you with your needs, but an average home needs a 30,000-40,000 grain capacity water softener.

Sewer, Drains and Drain Cleaning

  • Minor clogging issues are usually seen in the kitchen and laundry.  Most are handled thru drain snaking the concerned lines.  Should the clogging be consistent, the problem originates in the main line, is usually due to older cast iron pipe rotting away and requires replacement. We have deep experience in diagnosing the bigger problem of clogging and also provide Hydro-Jetting services to alleviate all your clogging problems. 
  • We have >10 years of experience unclogging pipes & sewer, snaking, hydro-jetting, sewer inspection, & in tree root removal

Do you do Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling?

  • We have done many kitchen and bathroom remodeling and can provide plumbing services for these projects.  If extensive renovation is required, we can work with you or a general contractor in helping with “gutting”, wall and ceiling finishes, and framing.

Do you provide In-Floor Heating Services?

  • We specialize in warm water underfloor heating systems and is a significant part of our expertise.  Water-based heating makes your home more energy efficient.  Please call us for a quote.


  • Many plumbing fixtures at home are typically neglected more than a house owner would like to admit.  Many of the commonly occurring problems are preventable had there been a maintenance approach. These fixtures which need preventive maintenance include radiators, boilers, heaters, water softeners and sump pumps.  Please call us at 952-467-4809 



We do good work.  Check out what our customers say about us in the TESTIMONIALS section. 



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