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Orono, Minnesota is one of our key service areas.  We have several regular customers in Orono and have been providing quality Plumbing, and HVAC services for the last decade.


We provide a large menu of plumbing service and repairs and a variety of choices to choose from when it comes to replacements. Our service area includes the whole Minneapolis, St. Paul area and the surrounding Metro Area of around 40-60-mile radius.  If you want to refer us, please ask your friends to search by our name or send them our web link or as “Plumbers Near Me” and we will show up.


Through our services we guarantee 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.  We turnaround fast and will do it right the first time.  In fact, when our plumbers are there, we offer Complimentary whole-home plumbing inspection at no charge. Several customers have ranked us highly as one of the best plumbers they have worked with and as one the best Residential and Commercial Plumbing & Heating Service providers in the area. Home Advisor and BBB ranks us the one of the top “Plumbing & Heating Companies” in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro region. Check out our testimonials!


It is not always about the money for us. Many a times we have walked our customers thru their problems and have helped them with quick do-it-yourself fixes over the phone.  Call us – You will be glad you did.






Our List of Plumbing & Heating Services

  • Bathroom & Shower: Bath sink replacement, Bath remodeling , New faucets, Clog removal & Drain cleaning, Plumbing for your Laundry, Toilets repair & installation, Showers repair & installation, Industrial Restrooms Fixtures, Repair & Installation, Swimming Pool Plumbing & Showers
  • Drain & Sewer: Clogging, Drain Cleaning – Sanitary Drains, Trench Drains, Catch Basins, Floor Sinks, Grease Traps. Sewer System Back-up Service, Sewer Line Repair & Replacement, Trenchless Sewer Repair, Snaking or Conventional Cable Approach & Hydro-Jetting 
  • Gas Pipes: Troubleshooting, Installation and Piping Services for Gas Grills, Fireplaces, Pool Heaters, Stoves, Generators, Furnaces, and Other Home Appliances as applicable
  • Kitchen Plumbing & Plumbing Fixtures: Kitchen Sink Replacement, Kitchen Remodeling / Redesign / Renovation, New faucets, Clogging, Plumbing for your Dishwasher, Garbage Disposal Repairs & Installation, Addition of Outdoor Kitchen, Floor Drains, Cleaning of Grease Traps in Industrial kitchens
  • Pumps: Ejector Pumps, Well Pumps, Sump Pumps – Repair & Installation
  • Water Lines, Pipe Leaks & Re-Piping:  Frozen Pipes, Leaky Pipes, Water Line Repair, Replacement & Installation, Leak Detection & Maintenance. Trenchless pipe installation
  • Water Quality: Water Quality Inspections, Recommendations and Water Softener Repairs & Installation
  • Furnace & Boiler: Repairs & Installation of Furnaces & Boilers
  • Humidifiers: Repairs & Installation of Humidifiers
  • In-Floor Heating Hydronic Floor Heating Installation – New Construction or Renovation
  • Water Heaters: Repairs, Maintenance & Installation of Water Heaters
  • New Construction Plumbing
  • Remodeling / Renovations
    • All Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Projects Involving Plumbing
    • New Plumbing in Your Basements or Addition
    • Specific / Custom Requests for Underground, Roughin and/or Finishing
    • Will Work Directly with You and/or Your Preferred Contractors
  • Facility / Commercial Preventive Maintenance; Backflow Prevention & Testing, Remodeling, and Service and Installation of all plumbing fixtures - Repairs and Installations of Showers, Bathtubs, Toilets, Sinks, Clogging and Leaky Pipes


We have a big team of plumbers located across the Minneapolis Metro Area and cover a wide radius around the city. 



How we work

  • You call or email or fill-in our contact form
  • We will talk and try to understand what the problem is.
  • Typically, we will walk you thru fixing the problem yourself and / or remedial measures until we come in person to solve the problem
  • Scheduling an appointment and solving the problem
  • We are well staffed.  We turn around fast and guarantee quality



We do good work.  Check out what our customers say about us in the TESTIMONIALS section. 





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