Repairs & Installation of Bathroom Fixtures & Remodeling


Bathroom Plumbing, Fixtures, Repair & Installation


Bathroom along with kitchen, basements, remodeling and drain cleaning is a key part of residential portfolio.  Call us for issues with

  • Bath sink replacement
  • Bath remodeling 
  • Leaky & New faucets: 
    • Kitchen faucet repair,
    • Bathtub faucet repair,
    • Shower faucet repair,
    • Outdoor faucet repair,
    • Laundry tub faucet repair
  • Clog removal & Drain cleaning
  • Plumbing for your Laundry
  • Toilets repair & installation: 
    • Clogged toilet repair,
    • Running toilet repair,
    • Toilet installation,
    • Leaking toilet repair,
    • Toilet flush valve repair,
    • Toilet flange repair,
    • Toilet flapper repair,
    • Toilet gasket replacement
  • Showers Repair & installation
  • If you are llooking for a total renovation or remodel - Keep us in mind.  We can work with you or thru your contractor and can do all or parts of the work. 


Clogged Drains?


Do you have a clogged bathroom sink? or a clogged shower drain? Call us.  We can help with with your bathroom clogging and drain issues.  Clogging could be as simple as a block down your immediate drain pipe but can also be an early warning sign of a deeper downstream problem concerning your drains underneath your house or your sewer lines that carries your waste to the public sewer system (Drain & Sewer). We have the latest in equipment and technicians and can quickly diagnose your problem over phone or in person




How we work

  • You call or email or fill-in our contact form
  • We will talk and try to understand what the problem is.
  • Typically, we will walk you thru fixing the problem yourself and / or remedial measures until we come in person to solve the problem
  • Scheduling an appointment and solving the problem
  • We are well staffed.  We turn around fast and guarantee quality



Why should you call Diversified Plumbing & Heating?

  • Well staffed. 
  • Turn around fast and guarantee quality
  • Qualified, courteous, and certified
  • Fast, responsible and guarantee quality
  • Service the whole Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding area
  • Between us, we combine >100 years of HVAC, Heating & Cooling experience and are professional committedWe offer excellent service at competitive prices!
  • We have all your Heating and Cooling services and repairs covered. From upgrades, installations, to maintenance, troubleshooting and repair! Whether you are a home owner, commercial or industrial business, our plumbing and HVAC employees have all the necessary experience to aid you in all your heating and cooling projects.


We do good work.  Call us - 952-467-4809. Check out what our customers say about us in the TESTIMONIALS section. 



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