Humidifiers- Repairs & Installation





Humidifiers - Repair & Installation


We service all kinds of brands and types of humidifiers.  The most common ones we encounter are Bypass, Fan Powered and Steam.

Humidifiers work thru a process begins where the hot air that flows into the house is diverted into the humidifier. Because this air is hot, and at a high pressure, it can hold a lot of vapor. This accumulated vapor then feeds into the cold air return where it’s heated again, resulting in the water droplets vaporizing into the air. This air is then blown out through the house vents.


The key parts of a Humidifier are the

  • Water Line
  • Solenoid Valve
  • Evaporator
  • Humidistat and
  • Reservoir


The most common problem reported is about “water Leaking”.  The first thing you need to do is figure out where the leak is coming from. Is the leak coming from before or after the humidification mechanism? Leaks in the drain mechanism are less common because the drain system is simple, but it never hurts to be sure. Chances are; however, the leak is coming from somewhere between the main water supply to where the water is delivered through the solenoid valve. Every valve is a potential failure point for water to leak. Over time, parts can wear down from buildup or mechanical failure. You can try shutting the water off at various points along the water supply system to see if you can stop the leak at any point.


Humidifier is Not Turning On – This may point towards your humidistat. Power supply to the humidistat could be faulty, or it is not detecting the humidity correctly. The latter could be an electrical circuit problem and has to do with wiring. 


You don’t feel the humidity?  –Humidifier lines can be blocked from calcium and mineral buildup. Check the water lines


Buzzing Noises – must be a mechanical part of your humidifier. Any rotating drive mechanism or fan motor could wear out from overuse or poor lubrication.


As much as we have experts in Diversified Plumbing & Heating who can help you solve your problems, we encourage you to learn your own utility fixtures.  Never hesitate to call, even to ask questions on how to solve the problems by yourself. We can walk you thru the steps over the phone.  If you still need our help, we are just a phone call away.



How we work

  • You call or email or fill-in our contact form
  • We will talk and try to understand what the problem is.
  • Typically, we will walk you thru fixing the problem yourself and / or remedial measures until we come in person to solve the problem
  • Scheduling an appointment and solving the problem
  • We are well staffed.  We turn around fast and guarantee quality



Why should you call Diversified Plumbing & Heating?

  • Well staffed. 
  • Turn around fast and guarantee quality
  • Qualified, courteous, and certified
  • Fast, responsible and guarantee quality
  • Service the whole Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding area
  • Between us, we combine >100 years of HVAC, Heating & Cooling experience and are professional committedWe offer excellent service at competitive prices!
  • We have all your Heating and Cooling services and repairs covered. From upgrades, installations, to maintenance, troubleshooting and repair! Whether you are a home owner, commercial or industrial business, our plumbing and HVAC employees have all the necessary experience to aid you in all your heating and cooling projects.


We do good work.  Call us - 952-467-4809. Check out what our customers say about us in the TESTIMONIALS section. 



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