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Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area is one of the coldest cities in the continental United States, with an average winter temperature of 10 degrees Fahrenheit! January and February temperatures 0 degrees and below are common. In-floor heating is energy efficient and comfortable.

In-floor heating is a common request from our commercial and residential customers, both for renovations and new construction. It is a significant part of our expertise. We would like to work with you. 


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How Does It Work?


We use Hydronic Systems.  A hydronic system uses a heat source, a pump and PEX tubing. Because there can be no joints in the PEX tubing in the floor, uncut lengths of tubing snake through the floor, starting and ending at a manifold.  Unlike forced-air heating, which works by blowing warm air through large ducts, a hydronic system uses a dedicated water heater or a boiler (or even your existing water heater) as a heat source. A circulating pump moves the hot water through the PEX tubing and back to the heater. Because there can be no joints in the PEX tubing in the floor, uncut lengths of tubing snake through the floor, starting and ending at a manifold. The manifold balances the water in individual loops (lengths of tubing) and vents the system. The water returns to the bottom of the water heater near the drain about 10 degrees cooler than when it left.


During installation, the PEX tubing is laid down in long loops spaced about 9 in. apart and carefully stapled to the floor. The mortar or concrete will then be installed on top of the tubing. For truly even heat, choose a system that circulates hot water through code-approved plastic tubing (like PEX) that’s embedded in a layer of material and covered by ceramic tile flooring. The material can be light-weight concrete, Gypcrete or dry-tamped mortar. This cement-like layer, combined with the tile, makes up a great mass that stores the heat for a long time and continues to radiate it even when the water’s not circulating. This constant warmth can greatly increase the comfort of a room, especially in cold climates.


The cost of a hydronic system for an addition may be about the same as the cost of another furnace (vs. replacing). However, your operating costs will be lower for the hydronic system, the water heater won’t take up as much space as a furnace and ductwork, and you’ll probably be more comfortable.


We help with the flooring and the installation.  We can work directly with you or your contractors. 


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Plymouth MN: May 7th 2019 5/7/2019 - In Floor Heating Installation in Car Wash Station in Plymouth Minnesota



Recent Project: Anoka County-Blaine Airport (Janes Field) Hanger

In Floor Heating During Construction




Greater than 250,000 Square Feet of floor space.  Project valued at >$1 MM. 

Completed Blaine Airport Hangar




Project was completed in les than 2 weeks

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