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Water quality in Minnesota varies by geography, but most Minnesotans live in areas containing hard water, and water softener systems are a must.  If you find your soaps are not sudsy, clothes are wearing out soon, or dishes have a stain, then you need to install a water softener. We can help you with your needs, but an average home needs a 30,000-40,000 grain capacity water softener.


How old is your water softener? If it stopped working or malfunctioning, you may have worn or clogged parts in the control head that need repair or a complete rebuild.  


Repair or new? How much money do you want to invest in repairs. 


Older units waste salt and water. It is based on a daily timer and recharge after a set number of days whether the resin is depleted or not.  The latest versions are far more efficient and recharge only when necessary.  This increases their life span.   


Did you know - softwater can increase the biological performance in your septic tank. The right amount of sodium in the softwater aids bacterial growth, optimizing the septic treatment process? 


Eco-friendly !! Here is a link to an artircle on what are the factors in making a decision and key criteras - The skinny on water softeners


We work with all types and brands of Water Softeners but prefer Clack, Fleck or Northstar  We are authorized to place their products and get a lower price on them.  












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